I thought it was about time I shared a little more video to the blog, as it’s been about 4 weeks since the original teaser.

I wanted to show a little snippet of a single scene in it’s current state to give everyone a sense of the style, pace and tone of the actual gameplay.

It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate how my Point and Click interface is going to work. To most people this might be inconsequential, but I know to the PnC purists, it’s a big ticket item, debated on forums across the land for decades.

I’d initially played around with the idea of a totally retro, verb selection in the bottom left and an always-open inventory, harking back to the original monkey island, maniac mansion era, but decided instead to take inspiration from my previous games and stick with what I know (and love), the good old verb coin and inventory pop up.

This method not only speeds up development time and makes for less interaction trees but also leaves plenty of screen-space to appreciate the lovely visuals. (letting me practice some cinematography techniques)

So enough chatter, let’s get to it. A full, unbridled, 2 Minutes and 30 seconds of glorious point and click gameplay from the dark and dirty streets of PolyCity.

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