It doesn’t go un-noticed that by deciding to start a blog and sharing this development journey with the point and click community it adds another chunk of time commitment.

Given how passionate, supportive and involved the indie developer community is (especially with point and click adventures) I see this as a small price to pay, and hope that feedback, comments and input on my inane ramblings will help to make a better end product.

With my previous games and projects, I even went to the lengths of creating tutorial videos for others to learn the Visionaire engine I was using at the time. I learnt the hard way that this soon becomes a full-time job in itself, but it really did stimulate lots of conversation with the community and taught me a lot too.

I’ve decided to start this blog at a time when I’m already a good 5 months into development of Poly City, giving me a distinct head-start in having lots of thoughts, screen shots, artwork and work in progress to share.

To try and keep a regular flow of updates, I’ll be releasing posts in chronological order, so you can see the project as it develops.

Hopefully, It should work out particularly cathartic for me, making it look like 5 months of work gets done in a few weeks!! Once I catch-up with modern day, things will inevitably slow down a little on the blog front, but I’m really looking forward to any feedback on style, tone, characters and humour as I go.

Keep adventuring!